The Benefits of Nettle Leaf Tea

Despite being rather unheard of among the list of wonderful herbal teas available to us, many consider nettle tea to be the miracle panacea for just about anything. This herbal tea has been brewed using the prickly leaves of the nettle bush, which has had a few counts of historical use in folklore, cooking, as well as herbal medicines. These highly nutritious plants contain a helpful variety of essential vitamins, minerals, and other constituents that can truly benefit those who choose to drink it.

Bone & Joint Support

Drinking nettle leaf tea can facilitate the function of bones and joints in the body. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of this tea can also ease mild swelling and mild pain in the joints of the body. For those who have trouble with arthritis and gout, drinking nettle tea can be a good supplement that can be added in with other methods of relief for additional aid.

Diuretic Properties

Another benefit to be found in nettle leaf tea is due to its diuretic properties. The diuretic effects of this brew can stimulate increased urination, which in turn helps to flush the system of unwanted bacteria and toxins. Drinking nettle leaf tea regularly is an excellent way to help cleanse your urinary tract and reduce chances of bacterial invasions in that area. Drinking this herbal tea, also helps to hydrate the body which can be additionally beneficial for supporting good function in the urinary tract.

BuddhaTea Nettle Tea Health Benefits

Support for Women

Nettle tea is known to contain iron which can be useful for supporting women’s health. An additional intake of iron might prove useful for women who are pregnant since many women who are pregnant experience an iron deficiency in their bodies. Furthermore, nettle leaf tea is known to contain vitamin K which can also be helpful for women who are pregnant, however it is always best to seek advice from a medical practitioner prior to drinking supplements if you are pregnant or nursing.

BuddhaTea Nettle Tea Health Benefits 2

Even More Benefits

The benefits linked to nettle tea are nearly endless! Additional studies have shown that this tea may also be beneficial for relief of allergies, supporting skin and hair health, ridding dandruff, supporting digestion, and relaxing mucous membranes. Nettle tea can be used as a mouthwash to help reduce plaque build-up on the teeth and its demulcent properties are also good for expelling excess mucous in the respiratory system. Furthermore, nettle tea can help support the function of the liver, spleen, thyroid and pancreas. Believe it or not, the list of benefits found in this tea goes on, as nettle tea has been studied for its potential effects in destroying parasites and intestinal worms in the body as well.

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